1. How can I buy Colonial Collections furniture?

To place an order with us you can email us at colonialcollections.india@gmail.com or give us a call at +91 22 22090129/ +91 9820290818. You may also visit our store in Mumbai.

2. How does the furniture customization process work?

Furniture chosen from our existing product line can be customized with regard to the dimensions, fabric/ leather & the finish. This is done through an interactive process with the Colonial Collections team and the client.

For larger projects, we are also open to creating new furniture designs based on the 3D views, visual design package and briefs, shared by the client, architect or design firm.

3. What style of furniture do you offer?

We enjoy working in different styles ranging from Contemporary, Classical, Arts & Crafts and a range that we call ‘Classic Contemporary’ which creates a new age aesthetic that works beautifully in spaces.

4.If I give you a reference image, will you be able to develop it?

The reference image that you give can be used as an inspiration from which our team will develop a product for you.

5. How long does production take?

All of our products are made to order and as such production usually takes between 6-12 weeks depending on the size and nature of the order.  During this time, we invite you to visit our production units and watch your furniture as it emerges from carpentry to finish.

6. Where is the furniture made?

We have a 10,000 square foot centralized production unit in Sewri and Wadala, Mumbai. All our furniture is meticulously crafted at these units under our personal supervision

7. What materials are used to make the furniture? / What is the furniture made of?

We use the best quality of raw materials in the manufacturing process of our furniture. For each product listed on the website, we have given a general specification of the raw materials that have been used. If there is more detailed information that you require, please feel free to contact us.

8. Why is the MM Brand Natural Latex Rubber seating more expensive than the High Density Foam Seating?
An MM Latex Rubber Sofa is one of the most premium seat cushion materials you can invest in .  It is extracted and processed from the latex sap of the rubber tree ( Hevea brasilinses ). The ‘pin core’ technology used for the Natural Latex rubber has excellent properties as listed below :
  • It  takes the shape of the body contours  providing optimum comfort. Even if you sit in the same spot everyday on your sofa there will be no depression in that spot – the seat just bounces back to its original shape .
  • Natural latex rubber has antibacterial properties making it dust & mite resistant.
  • It is a natural and  eco friendly material

Our Seating Range which has a High Density Foam seat cushioning are also extremely comfortable . We use the best quality of 50 Density or  High resilience Foam providing excellent pressure relief with good support.

However High Density Foam is at the end of the day a synthetic blend and over time and extended usage the seat will form depressions and will need replacement.
9. Do you conduct site visits?

Yes, we work pan-India and can make site visits as required. Site visits are only initiated and undertaken once we are appointed onto a project.

10. Do you offer delivery of the furniture?

Yes, our logistics partner – Route One handles all our deliveries – local and international.  Alternatively you can arrange for pickup of the furniture from our Mumbai workshop.

11. Which cities/countries do you deliver to?

We deliver across India & the globe.

12. Are delivery charges included in the price of the product?

No, delivery charges are not included in the price of the product and vary depending on the location and size of the order.

13. Do I need to assemble the furniture myself?

No, our Destination Service Team will undertake any required assembly. This is subject to normal access to the delivery address, which will be determined prior to production, at the time of placing the order.

14. Do you offer financing options?

Currently, we do not offer any financing options. Payments via a credit card is an option for Colonial Collections. You could then work out an EMI option with your credit card company.

15. How long does the furniture last?

Our furniture is built to last a lifetime.

16. Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 24-month warranty and a lifetime guarantee. If there is a manufacturing defect we will attend to it free of charge. If a piece gets damaged over the years of use, we will also attend to it, but charges will be applicable depending on the work required to remedy it.

17. What is your policy regarding returns and refunds?

Once an order is placed it is final. We do not offer returns or refunds.

18. Project based work

We have handled multiple national and international projects ranging from large residences to corporate offices to hospitality and even government projects.

Our commitment to a project is an involved and detailed process – the secret of our success is the fact that we can help a client translate their expectation/vision to a real space. From helping the client:

1)  To coordinate the selection process from our catalogues and blending the designs room wise.
2) Working together with the project architect & designer on the furniture layouts
3) Making site visits to verify measurements pre-production.
4) Presenting the client with a full technical design manual.
5) Working with the client’s architect/design team on fabric styling


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